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February 02 2016


How To Survive On A Security Guard’s Salary When You Do Not Live At Home With Mom And Pop.

Each time you look at your paycheck look at what you can save first, before you think about what you want to or have to spend.
Are you in debt? Then get out of debt as fast as you can. You will really need to focus to get out of debt. You may think it is impossible to recover from debt on a security guard’s salary, but believe me you can do it.
As far as housing goes, I have always felt you should only pay for what you need. I had a friend who wanted a more affluent lifestyle and a fancy apartment. He drove around a bright orange convertible. Unfortunately, he paid heavily for this lifestyle by working two full-time security jobs. If you live in an area where apartments are affordable then go right ahead. If however, you live in southern California like my friend did, you may want to consider something more affordable. Heck, there is nothing wrong with renting a room.
I live in the Midwest. I bought a piece of property in the country and live in a mobile home on my own place. Of course, out here, the price for a piece of property is reasonable and property taxes are very low.
One of your biggest costs will be transportation. One of the best ways for you to save money is to reduce your commute. Live as close to your post as possible. It is always best to ask for a security job as close to home as possible. It really pays to ask, because if you don’t ,they will put you wherever is most convenient for them. No, they don’t care about your needs at all unless you go out of your way to make them known. Do you really need a new car and a car payment? no! No! NO!!! You can find some great vehicles used. Be patient, realistic and know the laws. If your state requires the previous owner to have a vehicle smog tested before it can be sold, make sure this is done. You are not interested in buying parts. You want a running vehicle. If you live in one of those megalopolises you might consider the bus or subway system. This can be inexpensive. I like riding a bike. Riding saved me money on a motorized vehicle, gas and insurance. Riding a bike can really kick your savings plan into high gear! Plus riding will kick your flabby security guard behind into shape.
One of the biggest mistakes security guards make is eating out. Fast food tastes good and is way too convenient. Unfortunately, all those coffee drinks and cheeseburgers will catastrophically burn up your meager wages. Pack your lunch. Make your own coffee. Clip and use those coupons. Save those wages for something better.
Do you need a blanket, a computer or a new vehicle? Shop around. Do not ever allow yourself to buy anything on impulse. You can find stuff you need, even security guard equipment, on sale on websites like amazon.com or ebay.com Buying from these sites can be a lot cheaper than retail stores. Oftentimes, the shipping is free. Free is good.
Once you get into the frugality mindset, you will be surprised how it will permeate your life in a good way. You will be less pressured to buy stuff you don’t need. You will have gained some control over your life. And if your security company is not too stingy, you will find yourself with a nice surplus.

What do I do with that surplus you might ask? Well, there are a lot of books and websites that deal with that subject. If you want my advice then I say save and invest. First of all set up a rainy day fund. You want an emergency fund that will ultimately cover all your bills for about three months. Because we are security guards, and finding a job is not too difficult for us, I would plan for at least a month.
Once you get that emergency fund saved up you might consider a 401k plan, if your company has one, or an IRA with a good investment firm. If you have saved up a lot of money you may want to consider consulting a certified financial planner. Pay those guys by the hour and not a percentage of an investment or mutual fund they might try to talk you into. I read books like Investing for Dummies and Mutual Funds for Dummies. Very good advice. By the way, I bought those books for a dollar a piece at the thrift store. Saving money for retirement is a really good idea. Plus, the money you save in a 401k or IRA can earn way better interest than a bank account. Just be aware of the risk. Don’t put all your cookies in one basket. Diversify. There are a couple of sites I like that I check out. I like going to Yahoo finance to look at the market equities. I also like vanguard.com. Vanguard keeps their expense ratios way down. Do your homework and get good advice. Read. Educate yourself.

January 27 2016


Armed Security Guard

For one to become an armed security guard and be able to accompany himself with a fire arm while on the line of duty, he must first undergo some training regarding fire arm and the related safety methods. After accomplishing such a training is when you can be issued with a permit to allow you carry any fire arm while you are on duty. Training procedures and time to enable you become an armed security guard usually vary from one state to another, but it is very vigorous and on point so as to enable you qualify appropriately and carry a fire arm.

There are numerous benefits that one can achieve when he or she decides to become an armed security guard. These are as discussed below:

a. The first which is also the main one, is that you will get paid more.This is the major reason why most unarmed security guards decide to attend the trainings to enable them join the league of the armed security guards.

b. If you are an armed security guard, you will automatically have an opportunity to advance your carrier at hand. There exist a lot of other security guard services in town that even pay better and in most cases, you will find out that they are only open for those who are in a position to carry a fire arm.

c. The third and the last one is more concerned with your own safety as a security guard. In some cases, you might find yourself in a dangerous point where a gun could be your only saviour. In a nutshell, having a gun be it during of outside work can be of great help to you during danger. Read more.

Generally, during any recognized fire arm trainings, you will be trained about self-defense and this is all about techniques on how you can protect yourself with or without a gun during an attack , weapons retention which is much on how you can safely keep your gun in case of an attack and also some important laws about your fire arm.

For anyone who have once been a peace officer, a police officer or have ever worked in military, you will definitely take lesser time of training required for one to become an armed security guard, but to hold your fire arm you will still need to register with the state so as to be issued with a permit. But in case you are not in the categories above, you will be forced to complete the required hours required by your state so as to enable you attain a permit and get issued with a fire arm.
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